Monty: His Part in My Victory
Monty: His Part in My Victory

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Сколько будет 2 - 2?
Описание: "It's all over, von Arnheim has surrendered and he's very angry." "This could mean war..." The third volume of Spike Milligan's laugh-a-line account of life as a gunner in the Second World War resumes on the eve of victory in North Africa. Now Britain's looniest war hero must combat some of the direst threats a soldier has ever faced: boredom ("Christ, I just thought of Catford"), a cold ("In this weather?" "Yed."), moving camp ("It's a sort of Brighton with camels"), relaxing on the beach ("Life was golden, and we were the assayers"), moving camp again ("We're already somewhere else"), a visit to Carthage ("It's terrible, it's like Catford") and a perilous encounter with the gloriously endowed Mademoiselle Villion ("Help! massage," I said weakly"). Against the odds, they survive and are sent at last to Italy to be killed...

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